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Wanted Poster

County child support agencies have the ability to issue wanted posters to locate offenders and increase public awareness of child support issues. Featured individuals must have criminal actions and arrest warrants pending against them. Butler County has located 178 featured parents since it published its first wanted poster in 1995.


Wanted Posters

Criteria for submission

  1. The parent is subject to a support order and there has been an attempt to enforce the order;
  2. The agency is unable to determine or does not know the parent's whereabouts;
  3. The parent is not known to be a recipient of OWF, SSI, or food stamps;
  4. The CSEA does not have evidence that the parent has filed for protection under federal bankruptcy                                                              
  5. The custodial parent has given written authorization to the CSEA to display the parent on a poster;
  6. A legal representative of the CSEA and a child support administrator have reviewed the case;
  7. The CSEA is able to submit a description and photograph of the parent, a statement of the possible locations of the parent and any other information required by ODJFS.

Butler County CSEA | Executive Director William Morrison | Assistant Director Narka Gray 
Government Services Center, 7th Floor, Hamilton, OH 45011

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Board of Commissioners: Donald L. Dixon, T.C. Rogers, Cindy Carpenter